Podcast Awesome

Font Awesome's 2022 Year in Review with Matt and Jory

February 14, 2023 Font Awesome Season 1 Episode 1
Podcast Awesome
Font Awesome's 2022 Year in Review with Matt and Jory
Show Notes

The first episode of Podcast Awesome features host Matt Johnson talking with Jory Raphael about what's coming up in 2023, and gives listeners a taste of what they can expect in the first season. Podcast Awesome will feature "Nerd Shows and Tells," in which members of Font Awesome's team discuss the work they've done in recent sprints (referred to as "splits" in FA speak), as well as the company culture that stems from their semiannual company meetup, affectionately known as "the Snuggle". 

After feeling nervous at first, Matt was encouraged to take on the role as host of Podcast Awesome by Travis Chase. Matt has enjoyed learning to use the technology to put the podcast together and is also responsible for the media, social media, blogs, and web copy. 

In addition, Matt and Jory talk about the aforementioned bi-annual Snuggle, an event where the team can connect and have fun together doing nerdy activities like playing Dungeons and Dragons, and watching sci-fi shows and movies together — all activities that build trust and goodwill among the team.

In the last Snuggle, Mike Wilkerson and Ed Emanuel developed a prototype for the Icon Wizard (in beta release now). Often, conversations during the Snuggle spark new ideas and lots of great work has come from several Snuggle times.

Jory and Matt also discuss the 2022 year in review, which includes: 



Conversation between Matt Johnson and Jory Rafael on the Inaugural Episode of Podcast Awesome


Review of Font Awesome's 2022 Accomplishments and Plans for 2023


The Benefits of Team Building Activities at Font Awesome


Exploring Nerdy Interests with Mike


Exploring Dungeons & Dragons, Nerd Show & Tell, and Traditional European Martial Arts


Conversation on Enjoying Hobbies and Passions


 Discussing the 2022 Roundup and Plans for 2023


Font Awesome 6 Launch and Space Awesome


Exploring Space Awesome: How Ed learned VueJs 


Exploring Font Awesome's Icon Sets and Recent Releases


The Origins of Font Awesome's Icon Wizard Feature (it was originally called, "F.A.R.T.S")


Collaboration between Font Awesome and the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to Create Humanitarian Icons


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