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The Art of Teamwork and the Working Genius Framework

March 26, 2024 Font Awesome Season 2 Episode 5
Podcast Awesome
The Art of Teamwork and the Working Genius Framework
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Have you ever wondered which unique genius you bring to the table at work? In this podcast we chat with Jory Raphael, Rob Madole, and Lindsay Miller, as we dissect Patrick Lencioni's "6 Types of Working Genius" framework. It's not just about identifying whether you're a genius of enablement or invention; it's recognizing how these strengths play out in the real world. We all share tales of energy spikes and drains, revealing how a deep understanding of our working styles help level up our professional experiences and collaborations.

Team chemistry is magical, isn't it? This episode peels back the curtain on the alchemy of team dynamics, celebrating moments when our diverse strengths lead to shared success. You'll hear about Travis, our team's unsung hero, whose knack for Galvanizing brings out the best in us, and how these discoveries about ourselves and each other can turn routine tasks into triumphs. It's about more than just completing projects; it's the shared victory dance when each team member's genius shines, transforming challenges into achievements.

We wrap up with a candid look at the ebbs and flows of creating a Figma plugin, where trust and adaptability are the heroes of our story. It's a testament to the power of balancing skill with empathy and understanding that the journey toward success is rarely a straight line.



0:01:54 - Exploring Working Geniuses and Competencies (80 Seconds)

0:04:53 - Working Genius (57 Seconds)

0:15:20 - Utilizing Working Geniuses in Leadership (66 Seconds)

0:21:30 - Navigating Project Workflow and Decision Making (98 Seconds)

0:24:42 - GDPR Cookie Consent Development Setback (96 Seconds)


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